Terms And Conditions

1.1. See Demo Before Buying

With BDT 950 you’ll get 7 pages Website, Our Demo is available so that you can try and check what you are buying. You can request the demo directly from here.

1.2. Ask Before Buying

You can also ask any question on our support email. Our expert support engineers are always available to answer all your questions related to our products. You can send us email to bizadvisererp@gmail.com(Best method), and
call us: 01756-962159

1.3. Refund Policy After Purchase:

“NO Refund” will be available after purchasing our products. So see demo before buying.

1.4. Supports:
We’ll do for your website’s following things after purchasing from our ready made catalog: 

a). Will change Text, 
b). Will change images, 
c). Will change Header, 
d). Will change Logo. 
e). Will change menu.
f). Will change footer 
g). Upload your Website to your old or new server. 
h). Will give you your sites’s ftp, cpanel. 

Note: We’ll upload your Website after receiving payment. Your website’s content will be provided by you.

1.5. Premium Supports:  
Are available after completing 1.4 if needed.

2.1. Website Price:

Cost of the “Website” on mentorbd.com are excluded of “Domain and Hosting cost.”

2.2. Domain and Hosting cost will be provided by customers.

2.3. Pay first:
Customers have to pay the websites cost through bank, credit card, bkash or rocket cash in advance.

2.4. Bkash and Rocket cash number: 01756-962 159.

3.1. Sites maintaining:
We’ll make secure Website for you. Sites security and maintain will be made by yourself after buying (Premium support are available after buying),

Note: We could change our faq & terms any time without any prior notice.

Call Now: 01756962159